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Workshops and Events

Naturally Vibrant Reiki Centre


Naturally Vibrant Reiki Centre (NVRC) welcomes you to our branch of workshops, seminars and retreats.

We offer a diverse range of workshops throughout the year and we look forward to you joining us. Enjoy perusing our Calendar.

Mission Statement

NVRC is commited to providing a space for clients where they can safely attend and work through their life issues, taking steps towards becoming responsible for their own health in a supported environment which provides information and guidance through consultations, regular classes, seminars, workshops and retreats.
NVRC is inspired to network with the community actively with a strong desire to reach the medical world and network with this area to work side by side within the health industry creating a warm ethic of networking and sharing knowledge.


NVRC will work towards responsible, professional, dedicated and integral care of all clientele by working with well trained, warm hearted team members. It is the aim of NVRC to focus on teamwork and bring together a range of skills within a framework of professionalism, equality, support and respect for each other.