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The Flowering Gum

A Mother’s Path From Grief to Peace

\"\"My son Kieran died following a Ute accident, just weeks before his 18th birthday on Easter weekend 2007.  I was given a gift of a diary and every day I wrote in it with no thought of anyone ever seeing it.

As the months went along, I continued to write and it became evident that several things were happening.  Firstly, I had developed the habit quite instinctively of writing and talking directly to Kieran and secondly, it became more than coincidence that Kieran began contacting me back.  In this way Kieran and I have worked out ways to communicate.  He would send me signs and also messages that I could hear!

I wondered if grief was sending me a bit loopy!  So I researched and went to many courses.  I bought books, books and more books.  I researched laboratories and searched American Universities and Psychiatric facilities. I looked at studies involving hypnotherapy and pyschic sciences.  Finally, I went along and developed my own Pyschic abilities.

What I discovered was beautiful and amazing.

After all this, I am convinced that my son and everyone\’s family members in spirit are available to contact.  They want and are excited by our contact.

This book is about grief and healing.  Accepting the road of grief and choosing a healthy method of dealing with it in your own way is important (even if everyone else thinks you are crazy).  Spirit has wonderful and supportive ways to help.

Read \’The Flowering Gum\’ and see what you think.

There is also guidance available in this website for how to look after yourself and you\’ll find useful, caring suggestions for celebrating someone\’s life.  Please feel free to explore this website and keep an eye out for up and coming events.  Comments are very welcome.

Please feel free to view a news article written about the book.

I am happy to announce that \’The Flowering Gum, a mother\’s path from grief to peace\’ has been reprinted by Balboa Press USA and is available online at a number of stores including Angus and RobertsonBooktopiaBook Depository etc, where you can order it and have it delivered to your door.