Article written by the President of the Swedenborg Association

Like many caregivers of fellow human beings, Alexandra Browne-Hill has witnessed many events as a registered nurse and midwife of over 30 years that have long been considered “other worldly” and thus unspoken about. She has nursed intuitively over this time including working with death and the dying on many occasions, and encountered many “bizarre” experiences. However, it was not until the death of her son Kieran at the 17 years of age that Alex began really seeking to understand the connection between our human forms and our soul forms. Her questions stemmed from the fact that Kieran himself told her several times as a little boy of six that he would have a short life.

When indeed the predicted time arrived, Kieran, while in a coma, made his presence very known and after his death made sure he established an ongoing connection with Alex to support her and then work with her. His plan is to raise awareness of hope and provide a positive vibration upon earth by asking Alex to share his messages.

Alex, with Kieran as her teammate, has steadily increased her range of skills and is now director of Naturally Vibrant Healing Centre in Melbourne, providing a wide range of natural health practitioners and healing therapies. She has built an education centre where she teaches reiki with a strong mentoring program and is developing a cancer care programme with Fernlea Palliative Day Care for reiki practitioners.

The education centre offers a range of programmes from Tai-Chi to Buddhist Philosophy and angel workshops. As a holistic counsellor, Alex works with a diverse range of clientele with the aim of connecting them to their higher wisdom and their soul purpose. This is a stepping stone to healing for clients who are then supported to make healthy choices for themselves.

Alexandra is also the author of The Flowering Gum, a mother’s path from grief to peace. This book has been reprinted by Balboa recently and Alex has been available as a speaker for businesses and radio programmes, including Grief and Bereavement within Victoria.