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Over the years I have had many guests visit for what begin as consultations and wind up as mentoring sessions.  There are many lovely Souls who feel disconnected and think that there is something broken or wrong with them.  We begin a counselling session only to discover that they are simply in a time of new transition, sensing their Soul calling out for change.  They are looking for understanding of “something bigger than ourselves”.

Our human journey has been all about our bodies and our emotions in the past yet we know that there is more.  The old paradigm of fitting squarely into society is dying out.  Hurray!!!   Being our true authentic selves and connecting with our own passion and direction is the way of the future!  Thank goodness!!

Our deepest inner selves are calling out and nagging us to follow a rich, enticing direction that does not quite make sense to many of us as yet.  The world is changing and reaching out for more compassion.  However, we get resistant to what we really want because it does not match previous expectations.  This is because of our childhood training and our narrow human belief system which is evolving into something better and more cosmic.

We are meant to create, play and love in our own individual ways.  Our Souls sing when we follow our inner prompts and we arrive where we feel intrinsically is the RIGHT place for us.  If your Soul is calling you and you are unsure where to start, then I can guide you onto the Path by sharing how to begin using your own intuitive guidance.  I will provide you with cosmic history, current change and tools which will ensure you understand how to work in this new dimension of compassionate living.

 Intuitive development is the key to understanding yourself and what is next for you.  This information is offered in a safe, caring and integral manner.  I am available to discuss your needs with you and develop an individual plan for your Soul learnings so you can walk in the direction that is best for you.  Additionally, there are workshops on offer to support your learning in a more formal format and a community to join if this is your thing.