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What is Self-Healing?

body-mind-spirit-triangleWe are incredible and complex beings all sharing a lifetime of experience. It is the journey of all humans to travel our lives seeking a purpose and finding contentment. Each of us are equipped with a body consisting of magnificent systems to allow a physical existence, a mind with which to consider our existence which is fueled by our emotions and a soul which connects us to our Source of life, the Creator whatever or whomever you consider that to be. Therefore it could be said that we are given a triangle of Mind, Body and Soul to provide us a neat package in which to go through our lives with.

Life is challenging however, as it was meant to be to provide us with a wide variety of learning opportunities. Our greatest learning tool is through experiencing these opportunities and leading ourselves to various outcomes in understanding. This process requires aspects of each arm of the triangle.

If one side becomes out of balance with the other, then we become out of balance. Of course, being humans this state of unbalance will be natural and frequent but if we remain unbalanced then we begin to experience illness. It is in our best interest for our best overall health to rebalance on a regular basis.

To balance and rebalance ourselves to our best condition, we need to be aware of ourselves. Firstly we need to WANT good health and to take an interest in our own health. Remember that good health encompasses not only your physical body but also your mental state!

Once a decision is made to move forward to a healthier and therefore happier you, then consider how you arrived at your current destination. What is missing in your life to have brought you to this destination?

Our body, our mind and our soul (or spirit) are inter-woven, making us a complete person. So which bit of our body/mind/spirit triangle comes first?? Good question!

As children we first learn from our parents and other immediate elders around us. We pick up their belief system initially. Our developing belief system creates our attitudes especially if our beliefs are stepped on! So our attitude then drives our mind and then emotions!

It is our emotions then that impact on our health! An overload of anger for instance can create a high blood pressure and digestive issues.

On a Soul level we acknowledge the challenge of working through our emotions and we can make room for ourselves and others with the natural loving compassion that our soul understands. If you are not aware of yourself, you may well be operating on old emotions and outgrown beliefs.

Each side of our triangle is equally important when locating issues of challenge. If you choose to consider all sides of your triangle and seek to balance them, then you are taking yourself into a journey of SELF–HEALING!!!  Overall, our state of Soul is the factor that drives our health because this area seeks loving belief and kindness and once issues are located in our physical and emotional bodies then our Souls can correct the imbalance.