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“It is with great delight that I write this short review about Alexandra Browne-Hill and Naturally Vibrant Reiki Centre. I first met Alexandra in early 2013 whilst searching for a multimodality health clinic in Rowville, Melbourne. Alexandra was the practitioner who welcomed me into the clinic and it was from that first moment that I could not negate her incredibly beautiful nature. She radiated with light and loving energy and displayed graciousness, humility and intelligence. In the last six years, I have had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Alexandra as well receive my Reiki 1 and 2 training under her guidance. With her rich background in reiki, nursing, midwifery, counselling, kinesiology, just to name a few, it is her warmth, pure heartedness and ability to implement theory to practice that have left an everlasting impact on my life and helped me overcome long term grief and trauma. Alexandra is a very special lady, she empowers and enables people to tap into their inner resources and regain a sense of balance and wellbeing. Her skilful guidance enhances clarity and triggers a healing process that transcends conventional medicinal approaches. I have the upmost respect and appreciation for Alexandra and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need.” Linda Aniol

 “Well lovely lady I’m thinking you will have to just take bits out of this email as it’s going to be all over the place .. where to start as I’ve read your beautifully written book which made me laugh and cry as it reminded me so much of my daughters passing but it helped me more than anything else I’ve read with my journey on this pathway with grief so I thank you for that beautiful friend.. the counselling sessions with you have gotten me where I am today with your words of wisdom and coping techniques that I have used over and over again. I thank you for your patience and love how you never judge me .. you just sit and listen then  offer your advice … the workshops which I’ve done quite a few of and plan to do more .. I find are very insightful – comfortable- easy to understand and you make everyone feel special as we always leave there feeling like a little family xx the yummy spread you supply is always very impressive.”  Helen Wood

Reiki for Seriously Ill and Palliative Clients Course   2017     “Reiki can initiate such a powerful transformation in your life when opened and attuned to the energy and disciplined to daily practice. The journey for me so far has been inspiring and has opened doors to many new opportunities and wonderful people. I started to be drawn to working with seriously ill people and also people on the palliative journey – so many people in this day and age are alone, or frightened or lost especially when facing their own imminent mortality; so imagine how wonderful a renewed connection to the source would be for them through Reiki ?  I discovered the team at Alexandra’s Healing Centre through the ARC newsletter and enrolled at once to undertake the “Foundation Care of Seriously Ill Clients for Reiki Practitioners” course in November 2016. Alex Browne-Hill is the presenter, she has years of hands on experience as a SRN is a Reiki Master / Teacher and has many other qualifications to her name. That is all great of course, but there is much more on offer to students who learn from Alex ! She is deeply intuitive and caring, very knowledgeable, has years and years of real experience to draw on so you don’t feel like you are learning theory you become immersed in real life experience, she runs her course in a well structured manner but allows for discussions and questions to guide some of the course content and delivery along the way. Her post course contact and follow up means you go into the 3 hours of practical experience feeling supported and confident.                                             As a result of attending the course and undertaking the supported practical experience I am now working part time for a charity and preparing to approach centres around where I live to introduce Reiki in Palliative care situations to Nursing Homes and Hospitals as a support option for patients and their families. If this is an area that interests you then I highly recommend the course, and the subsequent opportunities – I’m looking forward to the next course Alex!”    Rosemary Meads     Equilibrium Healing – for Balance.

Learning Reiki with Alex was a wonderful experience, it wasn’t just a book read pens on paper experience it was more.  The depth of knowledge Alex has about Reiki is unmeasurable, her training style can be adjusted to suit the learner up to a Teacher there are no limits.  What you notice about Alex is her warmth and inviting smile when you meet her for the first time, which is enough to calm the nerves.  Learning in a supportive, calming, caring environment was what I found when I learnt Reiki with Alex, oh and a few laughs were had as well.  Thanks Alex – Karen