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Reiki – all levels

Reiki is a beautiful, simple and safe method of hands-on healing and self-healing that is available for anyone to learn. Reiki is the knowledge of understanding the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit together with ancient methods of healing.  Life force to flow in a healthy…

Learning this simple curriculum about the universe and life energy is a significant step towards real wisdoms of healing.  You will discover how our Life Force really works and how we are connected to the energy of all things.

Reiki is taught in four levels leading to a beautiful ongoing personal journey forever. Not everyone wishes to learn all levels and you can easily choose how much you wish to learn.  Reiki is powerful and useful even at its most basic level.  All students are fully mentored and supported to the level of their choice.

Reiki 1 is a two day workshop discovering the meaning, history and benefits of beautiful Traditional Usui Reiki Energy.  Learn the methods of offering Universal and Ancient Japanese healing to your family, friends and pets.  Anyone can learn this wonderful and gentle way of reducing stress, improving sleep and encouraging faster natural healing. Both theory and hand placement is experienced.

Reiki 2 is a powering up of basic knowledge with the addition of distant healing over two days.  At least three months is required after learning Reiki 1 prior to attending this workshop.  Learn how to send beautiful healing energy to your loved ones overseas, interstate or even at work.  Enjoy sending useful energy to Mother Earth and assist in increasing positive energy to anywhere that needs it.  The opportunities to raise the vibration of loving energy are endless and helpful.  After completing this stage, a student can join a Registered Reiki Association and use their skills outside the family.

Reiki 3 (or 3A) is Master Level and comes with assessments and competencies etc.  This level is a three day workshop.  A minimum of 12 months and preferably regular and loving practice in Reiki Level 1 and 2 is required before undertaking this commitment level of Masters.  An interview is also required prior to acceptance.  Reiki Masters is a wonderful and positive experience as well as a loving way for Healers to offer support to the world.

Reiki 4 (or 3B) is Master Teacher level and has become a lifestyle at this level.  Reiki is lineage based with knowledge and beautiful ceremony passed down from Master to Student.

I invite you to contact me with your interest via the contact page.