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Community Programs

Palliative Program

Palliative Course for Reiki Practitioners

Reiki is becoming recognised globally as a useful and healthy adjunct to the medical care in all types of health situations. In particular, Reiki is a soothing therapy for the palliative client and has been shown to assist with acceptance, courage, the connection to pure Universal love and also provide a sense of security and safety.

Over the last few years I have developed a program specifically for existing Reiki Practitioners along with adaptations for therapists in Reflexology and Massage, to enhance their skillset of providing Reiki to the very ill and palliative client. It can be confronting dealing with very ill people, medical equipment, health staff and all the tumultuous emotions surrounding these situations for clients and families.

With over 35 years nursing experience and over 10 years of counselling, I have on offer a fully mentored program to give you confidence in your ability to provide Reiki with professionalism and a better understanding of the medical world. See Workshop Page.


Our Team makes Reiki Visits to our unwell and transitioning clients

Over the years I have developed a Team of Reiki Practitioners who love to assist those struggling with their health. We care about our clients and know that there are times in our lives when we are challenged to the maximum by being seriously ill, terminally ill or even caring for someone else who is in this position. Diminished health and independence can be the ultimate challenge with difficult consequences.

Reiki is a wonderful adjunct to medical care for terminally ill people because it rebalances all sides of our life triangle – the body, mind and soul – whatever the situation. Our experience as practitioners of Reiki is that this loving energy provides a sense of peace and connection with the Universe. Many of our clients report an acceptance of their change in life and they come to terms with their impending loss of life so much easier. This strengthens their ability to deal with many worries and enhances relationships with their loved ones.

End of life Reiki provides such a beautiful doorway of transition with loving Universal support and a sense of peace. It has been seen to help with pain reduction, promotion of self-empowerment and the benefit of renewed courage. It is truly a beautiful experience and is so useful for everyone from the ill person to carer, family members, the elderly, children and even pets. Our Staff are passionate about supporting you at this time.

We provide visits to suit your specific requirements whether at home or in medical facilities. Our work is endorsed by The Australian Reiki Connection and supported by Charity Heart2Heart.


Care For Caregivers Program

Caring for others is a wonderful service to provide, however it can be fatiguing and at times stressful. Learning life-skill balance to maintain your own health when you are a carer is paramount to both you and those you support, whether you are a nurse, a counsellor, health provider or personal carer.  I understand how exhausted you may feel and the frustration that may go along with this fatigue

Whether you are a professional caregiver providing services to the community or a personal carer supporting a loved one, being a caregiver means being committed, dedicated, patient and compassionate.  Both of these often create trauma, anxiety, depression and burn out which we are often not equipped to recognize or relate to until it is too late.

Program 1 – : Personal Carers

A program is in place to assist our Carers to stay well, motivated and in healthy balance to enable their best care of others. The aim is to provide caregivers with a safe and supportive environment in which to reclaim their self value and reconnect with their passions.

In conjunction with Baptcare Australia in Brindabilla House Melbourne, I facilitate a Support group for personal carers while the aged, disabled or mentally ill client is in respite or day care. This is a group for social and friendship time mixed with problem solving and learning how to balance self-care. Each person begins to reclaim their hopes, dreams and self confidence.   New members welcome.

Program 2 -: Professional Carers

Recognising the symptoms of over caring and potential burnout is important when you spend your energy caring for others in any capacity.

On offer are the tools required to assist you to rebalance your life, thus encouraging self healing by focusing on the overall well-being of your body, mind and spirit.

Understanding our individual belief systems and how we acquired them, together with developing healthy boundaries can go a long way towards improving our coping mechanisms. Eliminating old paradigms of behaviour and opening the door to self-compassion and healing makes us better healers for others.

Becoming aware of our ability to connect with our inner wisdom through intuitive connection can ensure that our decisions are exactly right for ourselves. This sense of “rightness” creates inner strength and confidence in all that we do.

There are options for individual mentoring and group facilitation around these subjects.

See workshops if you are interested to find out more. I can be contacted by phone on 0409009924 or emailed by the Contact Page.