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Other Available Courses

Other Available Courses:

All courses are available for individual courses or group workshops. Please call me on 0409009924 to discuss or send me an email through the contact page where I will personally make arrangements to suit your needs.


Foundation Care of Palliative Clients for Reiki and Reflexology Practitioners

This is a jam packed weekend covering the basics of appropriate care and boundaries of working professionally as a Reiki and/or a Reflexology practitioner within all types of medical settings from hospitals, aged care facilities, respite centres and home.

With endorsement from the Australian Reiki Connection, we offer a range of topics within a weekend course which include:

  • Overview of life threatening illnesses
  • Introduction to healthcare facilities
  • Legal talk
  • Reiki Skills in a medical environment
  • Compassionate detachment and debriefing
  • Equipment awareness
  • And so much more….

Our aim is for practitioners to feel comfortable and confident to provide Reiki at a professional level to any client whatever their condition and within any setting, whether at home, clinic or hospital.  You will be mentored through three visits at a palliative setting to experience the practical component of this course. Ongoing mentoring available.

Pre-requisite:  Reiki Level 2                                                                                                                                                                                                Includes course, lunches, manual, mentoring and certificate.


Advanced Care of Palliative Clients for Reiki and Reflexology Practitioners

A busy two day course focusing on serious illness and cancer. We explore the basics of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and how Reiki might be useful. Discussion around life and death scenarios and our own belief systems is explored within the context of appropriate communication.

This level is a deeper look at terminal illness and how we can best help with our Reiki knowledge and service. It also challenges us to look a little deeper within ourselves and discover helpful tools of coping with life’s most testing times.

Three supervised visits are required to complete this course within a palliative environment.  Mentoring and follow up provided.

Pre-requisite: Foundation Care of Palliative Clients                                                                                                                                                     Includes course, lunches, manual, mentoring and certificate.


Understanding Medical Intuition

This full on 2 day course has been designed to assist you to be very clear in how you can connect to a beautiful Higher Consciousness enabling your very best healing work and what that actually looks like for you. You will learn how to expand your intuitive ability.

This coursework will bring together aspects of the physical, the mind and the emotional together and balance it with increasing skills of intuitive process which will allow your understanding of body, mind and spirit as a whole.

You will work towards learning trust and acceptance, guidance by both self and the Universe as you heighten your healing skills. Basics about the functioning of the body is included with study in fundamental workings of emotions and their roots. With access to additional information about humans you will be able you to decipher the messages you receive in order to provide appropriate care of your client.     You will fine tune your skill set and become focused in acknowledging your latent skills from a loving, supportive and safe environment with mentoring enabling you to walk towards your destiny.                                                                                                                I have packaged up my years of healing work and now offer it to you to support your wonderful journey as a healer.

Pre-Requisite : A background of healing or completed studies in at least one modality.                                                                                  Includes manual, lunches, manual and ongoing mentoring and support through monthly gatherings and a group facebook page.


Care for Carergivers

This workshop is aimed at existing Carers in a professional capacity who struggle with time management, over caring, distress on behalf of their clients and generally putting their own needs way down the list!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The focus is on discovering what a carer is and what healthy parameters look like. We look at recovery from trauma and experiences that have hurt us on the job. Discussion around our existing belief systems and perceptions is an area that becomes interesting with Carers. Consideration of our own unique ability to hear our personal soul speak is also an important focus to knowing what is right for ourselves.

Processes of healing self and rebuilding comfortable boundaries is imperative to moving forward with a sense of contentment. Communication and balancing personal need is explored in this safe, fun group environment. Connecting with our clients in a wholesome manner and generally working with more awareness and sensitivity towards self and others is covered with enjoyable processes in a safe, understanding space where everyone is respected and heard with kindness.

Pre-requisite: A desire to improve your mental, physical and spiritual health balance and provide yourself with a wholesome approach within your industry.

To book any course, email me with your interest and I will personally send you further information with a follow up call. See the Contact page or call me on 0409009924

Reiki Practice Nights and Ongoing Mentoring

On offer is ongoing support for our students with regular workshops and practice times being available to students of all levels with the assumption that students use Reiki in their lifestyles. We practice hand placement and occasional other healing tools such as crystals, pendulum, chakra and aura cleansing etc with a focus on becoming comfortable with our Reiki practices.

We gather once a month and welcome new healers and healee’s  to our community.  Supper is provided. All you need to bring is enthusiasm!  I am adaptable to people’s individual needs and requirements. Please just ask.

Please feel free to contact me through the enquiry form on the contact page of this site, email at or phone Alex on 0409 009 924

I look forward to seeing you soon.

With love