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Our natural given intuition is important.  Without our inner guidance, we focus on our body only and wonder why we feel unhappy.  We focus on our mind and emotions, all the while wondering why we feel sick.  Occasionally we pray and then feel cranky if we don’t get what we want.

Humans are good at separating and boxing things into neat boxes.  Until we connect the dots of all three, then we will continue to rush around and become chronically ill.  The Divine Spark of you, the Soul which defines who you are individually, will help you to step forward and take control of your life, your directions, your awkward mind and your poor struggling body.  This occurs with your Inner Wisdom and innate intuition.

Over the Centuries we have lost this very normal skillset and now feel lost.  Luckily, it is not all over and this knowledge is returning to humanity.  Let’s bring back the wisdom, the faith and the hope to your life.