Holistic Counselling

Balance of our body, mind and spirit creates healthy self-esteem, self-acceptance and acceptance of others as well as living a happy life with meaning and purpose. Saying it is so much easier than achieving it! Yet life experiences are wonderful opportunities for us to develop and grow.

In a nurturing and safe space, Holistic Counselling is all about YOU finding what is right for YOU. Holistic means ‘whole’. The whole of you in body, mind and spirit is important with Holistic Counselling and together with processes that are adapted for your needs, allow you to develop your inner strengths and find answers.

Holistic counselling can give you the tools to access your own Higher Wisdom and guide you to connect with yourself, helping you move beyond your limitations and live your potential.

With caring and loving guidance to reconnect to our inner wisdom in a gentle, safe environment we can all benefit by developing the tools and understanding to:

  • Activate our creativity and problem solving abilities
  • Begin healing from grief, guilt and hurts
  • Overcome negative thinking patterns and release old fears
  • Improve our relationships
  • Find our life direction and explore our personal growth
  • Encourage healthy life boundaries
  • Improve our self-esteem and confidence
  • Start your journey towards a happier, more balanced life with a calmer and focused you.
  • Art therapy and sand play is available.


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