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Loss is a raw, painful time and needs to be acknowledged and deeply honoured.  Whether your loved one has passed on, you are facing end of life or you have experienced other personal losses, the challenge can be huge.

Each person will experience their tumultuous loss differently.  I understand this.  My background of years as a nurse with studies in palliation, and in counselling helped me with my own personal losses which included my teenaged son’s death.  I spent years thereafter studying and travelling around the world to understand grief and the ways of Universal power.  There is peace in the wisdoms I discovered.  Often we just need to be heard.

You are encouraged to grieve your way using what you know is exactly right for you.  I will sit beside you.  Listen to you.  Support you.  Gently I will guide you to explore what you need to begin a healing process that feels good for your heart and brings you peace when you are ready.

Here is what I discovered on my journey, and I hope that in time you will be able to develop this knowing for yourself with my support.  The deepest life challenges teach us that:

We are more than we think.  All challenges have purpose.  We never lose one another and death is NOT final.  Pain, anguish, guilt, shame and uncomfortable emotions are pre-cursors for growth.  Living a positive life is possible.  Developing intuition and inner knowledge is key to success.

If you would like to find out more, there is a booking button for your ease.