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WRITING:  I love to write.  Since my passion is all about the wisdom of connection between our body, our mind and most importantly, our Soul, then this is what I write about.  This is done from the differing perspectives of a nurse, a counsellor, Reiki teacher and a spiritual guide to share practical ideas on bringing all these levels of knowledge together.  You see, without your Soul, that core spark of Unique YOU, you cannot properly balance your life.  We require all of our three aspects to be in our best health.  A strong faith in something greater than ourselves plus a positive mindset will assist to create a healthy body.  I learnt all of this through the loss of a child who was weirdly aware of his future accident and whom now sends me messages about the Other Side of Life.  I won’t be putting my writing pen down in any hurry for he has much to tell us all.

Some of my published works include:  Sibella Publications, Themes Educational Magazine, IICT blogs, Australian Reiki Connection Magazine, The Art of Healing, my own book The Flowering Gum.


SPEAKING:  I really enjoy sharing stories, experiences and knowledge around such topics as grief, loss, death, proof of survival, afterlife, spirituality, care of self, healer’s burn out and other health related matters.  A special interest of mine is in assisting Service providers and healers of all sorts to develop strategies to help heal from trauma, prevent burn out and maintain all aspects of their health and recovery.  Healers have a tendency to give to others before themselves.  Talks about boundaries, communication and expectations around the subject of self is very useful.  I am interested and available for Public Speaking events to support your causes on these matters.

Previous speaking events and conferences include:  The Afterlife Conference Sydney, Swedenborg Association Sydney and Melbourne, Casey Radio Vic, ABC Radio Gippsland, Contours Women’s Gym, Grief and Bereavement Vic, The Circle Expo for Women North Carolina, USA, and Gippsland Palliative Fundraiser Guest Speaker Vic.