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Advanced Care of Palliative Clients for Reiki and Reflexology Practitioners

A busy two day course focusing on serious illness and cancer. We explore the basics of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and how Reiki might be useful. Discussion around life and death scenarios and our own belief systems is explored within the context of appropriate communication.This level is a deeper look at terminal illness and how we can best help with our Reiki knowledge and service. It also challenges us to look a little deeper within ourselves and discover helpful tools of coping with life’s most testing times.

Three supervised visits are required to complete this course within a palliative environment.  Mentoring and follow up provided.

Pre-requisite:  Foundation Care of Palliative Clients.  Includes course, lunches, manual, mentoring and certificate.  Date to be arranged.

To book any course, email me with your interest and I will personally send you further information with a follow up call.  See the Contact page or call me on 0409 009 924.