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Supporting YOU to shine your Light!

Using a blend of western medical skills, Buddhist philosophy, ancient indigenous wisdom and experience as a nurse and counsellor, I am committed  to supporting anyone seeking to improve their health. I offer a supported and safe space for you to rest and heal, growing into your authentic you. I offer hard earned tools and strategies for Self- Healing with the natural and beautiful insights you can benefit from with your own Intuition and  guidance.


Previously known as Naturally Vibrant Healing, it will be so much easier for you to call me Alex. If you want to seek a path to a more compassionate, peaceful life journey so you can do your work with authenticity and love, then I am passionate about supporting you. The foundations of my care are within the ancient philosophies of Buddhist based Reiki with my love for all Beings and all cultures.

Our life journey is meant to be about learning how to be the best versions of ourselves and how to provide service to others in healthy, individual and unique ways. We each have something vital and wonderful to offer the world.  We can do this by connecting with that ancient part of ourselves which already knows our own answers.

Yet, life can be a complicated and sometimes treacherous journey….

My aim is to support you to achieve this goal.

I am committed to helping you plan your physical, mental, emotional and soul needs in healthy, natural and practical ways.


My Values

is important to me that I work with my clients and students within a professional and personal structure of honesty, integrity and mutual respect. I offer my experience and knowledge with professionalism, gentleness and warmth so that you feel fully supported in your care. Most of all, you are in charge of your own healing and health decisions. I will simply provide strategy and guidance, offering you opportunity to listen in to your own needs intuitively.

For those seeking more connection to something Greater than ourselves

Are you new to spiritual thought? Would you like to develop your Soul Journey some more? Perhaps you might be seeking a mentor or maybe you would just like a taste test of Reiki, a wonderful soothing and restful therapy session. Perhaps chatting a while would help.

For Carers and those that provide service for others

Whether you are a professional carer, personal carer, a hard worker or a weary mum, then you can benefit by discovering more about yourself, your belief systems and what strategies to employ to keep you healthy and balanced.

If you care about making things better for the world then YOU have a HEALER’s Soul. I am all about guiding carers and healers to develop their own wisdom, to recover, grow, and BE the Soul they are.

Do you love Coursework and Group Classes?

My passion is facilitating classes and I love to both discover and share new things. Not only does personal and group mentoring feature highly with my courses, but topics are designed to assist with self-development as well as offering skills to the community and to your current work.

Available are a range of consultations, Reiki, empowering courses, and mentoring with focus on your self-care, balance and grounding. consultations can be either in person or by Skype.                                                                                                                                    Courses online soon. Please register your interest.

Information can also be accessed by reading both my Blog on the Web Bar above and reading my articles in the International magazine Sophia with Sibella Publications. You will find these in the Article Gallery on this website.

Whatever you choose and whatever level you feel you are at, you will begin a sensational journey of learning healing skills for you and your loved ones.

Contact me via booking, email, phone or our contact page.    I look forward to meeting you soon.

Warmly,  Alex

Phone Alex on 0409 009 924

Or please feel free to contact us through the enquiry form or Email.
Alex will be happy to discuss any queries with you. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Warmest regards, The Naturally Vibrant Team


  • “Thank you for the amazing work you did for me in the Reiki session, I can seriously say it made the work I have done over the last few months so much easier. The way I am now able to hold my own energy in delivering some really intense workshops has been life changing. I really mean it. It is something I have been trying to master over the past fours years with little success of being anything other than exhausted! Of course my session has had a lovely impact on me personally as well. I’ve been sharing my story with friends of how amazing your work is.”- Lucy     
  • “I really enjoyed the Reiki session, you are the perfect person to be a healer! You have such a beautiful, kind nature, it is no wonder this love and healing can come through you. Thank you for your beautiful words... I will definitely do this again with you. I found it so relaxing, and it has calmed me a little over the last few days. Thank you.”- Soulla     
  • “I have used various services offered by Naturally Vibrant over the last 7 years such as, Reiki, massage therapy, flowering essences and have taken part periodically in the meditation classes offered through the centre. I have found the services refreshing, helpful and I'm pleased to say that there is follow up after the particular treatment has been completed. I would thoroughly recommend Naturally Vibrant to anyone seeking to improve their wellbeing and piece of mind.”- Katrina Mihai    
  • “Thank you for all of your support. Reiki has changed the way I live my life in so many ways and it's teaching me to be so much more confident than I used to be. I can't imagine what things would have been like without the close knit group from Naturally Vibrant.”- Kim     
  • “I just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you yesterday and thank you for helping me with Reiki. It was very interesting. I definitely feel more content and clear today than I have in a while and my energy seems to be lasting longer. I will organise another session soon. Thanks again”- Bec     